New York Reined
Cow Horse Association

Darren Olsen, Webbed Foot Photo!  

Photos from the 5-27/28-2017 New York Reined Cow Horse Association Silver Spur Classic are ready.

Small file (low Res) downloads are available from Flickr link below.
As always the Flickr photos are free to the rider's and their families to download, use and post as they wish, donations are welcomed, but never expected nor required.
100% of any donation goes to help a local animal rescue (See below).

Photo credit is appreciated.

If you would like full size (High Res) copies of all your photos from the show, Please feel free to contact me, I will gladly email the entire set of full size versions to you for $50.00.

Furry Feet Rescue Donations can be made at

Photo album Link:…/webbedfoo…/albums/72157681592387143