New York Reined
Cow Horse Association

​​Cow Pony Craze🐮Rose Hill Ranch🐮April 30

Rein & Ranch Club Show 🐮 Quiet Quarters Ranch🐮September 10, 2017

Rein & Ranch🐮Hoss's Ridge🐮June 11, 2017

Judges Cards: May 27 & 28 2017

​   SS Green and Rookie Classes 5.28.17.pdf​                                                             SS Green Horse Rookie 5.27.17.pdf

   SS Green Rider 5.27.17.pdf                                                                                     SS Herd Word 5.27.17.pdf

   SS NRCHA Boxing. Youth . Ranch Boxing 5.27.17.pdf                                           SS NRCHA Boxing. Youth. Step Up.pdf

   SS NRCHA Fence Classes 5.27.17.pdf                                                                   SS NRCHA Fence Classes 5.28.17.pdf

Silver Spur Classic🐮Cazenoiva College Equestrian Center🐮May 27 & 28 2017

CCGreen Horse 7.22.17.pdf​                                                     CC Open Bridle Open Hack 7.23.17.pdf

CC Herd Work.pdf                                                                   CC Rookie 7.23.17.pdf

CC Open Bridle Ltd Open Nov NP 2Rein 7.22.17.pdf .           CC Nov NP Bridle. NP 2Rein. 1KNPL 7.23.17.pdf

CC Rookie Ranch Boxing. Riding. Reining. WT.pdf .            CC Step Up Box. Green Horse 7.23.17.pdf 

CC NPL 5KNPL 1KNPL 7.22.17.pdf

Current 2017 Show Results​

​To qualify for year end awards you must compete in half of our shows (club or sanctioned)

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Rookie Green Horse Green Rider.pdf

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Ranch Horse.pdf

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Open Non Pro NPL.pdf

Judge Cards:  August 12 & 13, 2017

Cow Pony Craze Judges Cards April 30, 2017

4.30.17 Youth Ltd.GHBox.RookieBox.WT.pdf .                                  4.30.17 Herd Work.pdf

4.30.17 Green Rider Classes.pdf                                                       4.30.17 Open Bridle. NPLtd.pdf

4.30.17 Trail.Ranch Boxing.Reining.pdf

Judges Cards: September 9, 2017

    QQR 9.10.17 Ranch Classes.pdf                                                     QQR 9.10.17 Herd Work.pdf

QQR 9.10.17 Cow Horse Classes.pdf

jC8.1.17 WT.Ranch Box.Flat Classes.pdf                                         JC8.12.17 Herd Work.pdf    

JC8.12.17 Green Horse and Rookie.pdf                                           JC8.12.17 NPL 5KNPL 1KNPL.pdf

JC8.12.17 Green Rider Classes.pdf                                                  JC8.12.17 OB NPB NP2R.pdf

JC8.13.17 NRCHA Classes.pdf                                                          JC8.13.17 Flat Classes.pdf                                                                  JC8.13.17 Green Rider Green Horse Rookie.pdf

​Cowboy Classic🐮Cazenovia College Equestrian Center🐮July 22 & 23rd 2017

Cowgirl Classic🐮Cazenovia College Equestrian Center🐮  August, 12 & 13, 2017

Judges Cards: July 22 & 23, 2017