New York Reined
Cow Horse Association

2018 Show Results

Silver Spur Classic 


May 26 &  27 2018

Silver Spurs Results May 26.pdf

SIlver Spur Classic Results May 27.pdf

2017 Champion Class Winners
individual Class champions
Champion Open Herd Work~Missy Lights
Reserve Open Herd Work~Peppy Quick O’Lena

Champion Non Pro Herd Work~MJ Dunit/Jacob Partridge
Co-Reserve Non Pro Herd Work~Missy Lights/Wendy Kuhn
Co-Reserve Non Pro Herd Work~Black Jack Beretta/Tim Partridge

Champion  Open Bridle~Gracie X/Emma Minteer
Reserve Open Bridle~Peppy Quick O’Lena/Joe Decker

Champion Non Pro Bridle (Inc. Int. & Nov.)~MJ Dunit/Jacob Partridge
Reserve Non Pro Bridle~Starlights Sunday Best/Mary Baks

Champion Non Pro Two Rein~Starlights Sunday Best/Mary Baks

Champion Non Pro Limited/5K/1K~Wendy Kuhn/Missy Lights
Reserve Non Pro Limited/5K/1K~Lauren Partridge/MJ Dunit

Champion Green Rider Herd Work~Robin Waite
Co-Reserve Green Rider Herd Work~Erica Henderson
Co-Reserve Green Rider Herd Work~Michelle Muir

Champion Green Horse Herd Work~Smart Like a Fox/Danielle Foust
Champion Green Horse Herd Work~Lovies Lil Rey/Lisa Sykes

Champion Rookie Herd Work~Smart Little T
Rookie Herd Work~Billie Skip N Oakie

Champion Ranch Boxing~Ima Wild Feline/Lauren Partridge

Champion Green Rider 2~Michelle Muir
Reserve Green Rider 2~Michael McFarland

Champion Green Rider 1~Robin Waite
Reserve Green Rider 1~Michelle Muir

Champion Green As Green Rider~Michelle Muir
Reserve Green As Green Rider~Pat Gossage

Champion Green Horse Box~Smart Like A Fox/Danielle Foust
Reserve Green Horse Box~Dun Plyn Cat N Mouse/Marie Dougherty

Champion Rookie Box~Robin Waite/Billie Skip N Oakie
Reserve Rookie Box~Marie Dougherty/Dun Plan Cat N Mouse

Cowgirl Classic


August 4-5, 2018

Cowboy Classic Results Aug 4.pdf

Cowboy Classic Results Aug 5.pdf

Cowboyclassic NRCHA results.jpg                                        cowboyclassicnrchaclassessun.jpg.pdf

cowboyclassicgreenclasses.jpg.pdf                                      cowboyclassicgreenclassessun.jpg.pdf                                                      cowboyclassicherdwork:walk-trot:ranch.jpg.pdf​         cowboyclassicherdwork:walktrotranchclasses.jpg.pdf

2017 Division Buckle Winners
Must ride in both bridle & herd work classes

Open Bridle Champion~Peppy Quick O’Lena/Joe Decker

Non Pro Bridle Champion~Jacob Partridge/MJ Dunit
Non Pro Bridle Reserve~Mary Baks/Starlights Sunday Best

Non Pro Limited Champion~Wendy Kuhn/Missy Lights
Non Pro Limited Reserve~Lisa Sykes/Lovies Lil Rey

Rookie Rider Champion~Robin Waite/Billie Skip N Oakie

Green Horse Champion~Smart Like a Fox/Danielle Foust
Green Horse Reserve~Lovie’s Lil Rey/Lisa Sykes

Green Rider Champion~Robin Waite
Green Rider Reserve~Michelle Muir

Ranch Horse Champion~Smart Like a Fox/Danielle Foust

Youth Walk Trot Box/Track Champion~Riley Minteer
Youth Walk Trot Box/Track Reserve~Levi Minteer​

Current 2017 Show Results​​

​To qualify for year end awards you must compete in half of our shows (club or sanctioned)

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Rookie Green Horse Green Rider.pdf

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Ranch Horse.pdf

2017 Buckle Hi-Points Open Non Pro NPL.pdf

2017 Year End Points by Class.pdf

"One More Classic"


October 6-7, 2018

Results 10:6:18.pdf

Results 10:7:18.pdf​​

OMC NRCHA classes 10:6:18.pdf                                                                OMC NRCHA classes 10:7:18.pdf

OMC Herd work & Ranch Horse 10:6:18.pdf                                         OMC Herd work & Ranch Horse 10:7:18.pdf

OMC GR1, GR2, GHB, GHF 10:6:18.pdf                                                    OMC GR1, GR2 GHB, GHF 10:7:18.pdf

Good to Be Green Club Show


April 22, 2018

Good to be Green Results 4.22.18.pdf